A Day at the Barn Adult Camp

A Day at the Barn Adult Camp

The Preserve Equestrian Center cordially invites you to enjoy A Day at the Barn Adult camp – a day of learning and adventure.

Your camp experience begins at the paddock fence where you will meet your new partner and learn basic horsemanship. Activities include haltering, liberty work or round pen lunging, grooming, and tacking, followed by a lesson in the ring and a trail ride to put your new skills into action.

Post-ride you will untack and bathe your horse (as needed). Lunch* will be served – and of course we provide delicious treats for you to reward your new, trusty friend.

Kids’ Pegasus Camp – Where Dreams of Horses Come True

The Preserve Equestrian Center is so very pleased to offer our unique Kids Pegasus Camp.

This wonderfully conceived four-hour program begins with kids assembling in the kitchen where they prepare to meet and become comfortable with their horses. They learn how to groom, tack, and lead their new friends. And then the adventure truly begins.

Arena lessons and a trail ride are sure to become lifelong memories – and just perhaps, the beginnings of a beautiful friendship with one of mankind’s most cherished animal companions. Post lesson, campers untack and bathe horses (if needed). They then head back to the kitchen to make a craft to take home, or to paint images of our ponies.  The day ends with the serving of freshly baked treats.

Kids’ Pegasus Camp
Stretch and Breathe Trail Ride

Stretch and Breathe Trail Ride

The Preserve Equestrian Center is proud to offer truly unique riding experiences. Case in point: our Stretch and Breathe Trail Ride.

While on the horse, the rider will be guided through a series of gentle stretches. Special focus is placed on breathing, awareness, and movement, with the goals of developing muscle strength and deepening the connection between you and your horse. We will practice hip openers, shoulder stretches, deep twists, and lateral stretches to improve flexibility and balance while riding.

Mounted Matriculation: Riding Lessons, Preserve Style

Begin or continue your adventure to develop skills as a rider on and off the lunge line. Our western tack will hold you securely in the saddle allowing you to safely and comfortably gain experience and confidence. Learn to safely mount and dismount, practice all three gates, walk, trot, and canter (canter is dependent on trainer discretion and skill level of rider).

Mounted Matriculation
Traditional Trail Riding: Forging a Bond

Traditional Trail Riding: Forging a Bond

Begin your adventure in the outdoor ring, learning and practicing basic commands before you head out to the trails. Our stable hands are available to hand walk alongside you and your horse. Or you can ride with supreme confidence and follow one of our expert trail guides.

Preserve Equestrian Training Stables

The Preserve Equestrian Center, beautifully created and deftly located within pristine grass fields, stands as a celebration of mankind’s enduring connections to Equus ferus caballus – most often a mutually enriching collaboration that has lasted for 5,500 years.

The analogy is unavoidable: The Preserve has applied its celebrated high standards to the creation of a 5-Star resort for horses, and a gateway to adventures both calming and exciting for expert riders and newcomers alike.


Winter: 9am to 5pm
Summer: 9am to 7pm


61 Pine Hill Road
Carolina, RI 02812

(401) 539-4653


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