Preserve Equestrian
Training Stables

“A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it…” – Unknown

Welcome to The
Preserve’s Equestrian Training Stables

A heartwarming moment at The Preserve Equestrian Training Stables.
Children feeding a pony at The Preserve Equestrian Training Stables.

The Preserve’s Equestrian Training Stables is a beautiful facility surrounded by lovely grass fields, access to a wonderful trail system and large insulated arena for year-round comfort. This breathtaking and authentic horse farm offers Preserve property owners, Club Members and resort guests incredible and unforgettable riding adventures in a serene and timeless setting.

Enjoy true oneness with nature as you and one of our trusty horses—including Belgian, Percheron, and Haflinger, as well as ponies and draft horses—explore miles of the Preserve Sporting Club together. We offer a range of activities, from guided trail rides to horseback riding lessons to carriage rides, all perfect for experienced riders or those that are new in the saddle.

We invite you and your friends and family to go with us into the woods, into the ring or into the stable for one of our many unique experiences, or customize your special equestrian adventure.

Horse-drawn carriage ride at The Preserve Equestrian Training Stables.


Winter: 9am to 5pm
Summer: 9am to 7pm


61 Pine Hill Road
Carolina, RI 02812

(401) 539-4653


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